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Whether you have already decided to start marketing with articles or you are just considering your options and looking for article marketing tips, there is one major question that needs to be answered before you can move forward.That question is: “What topics should I cover in my articles?”You may have heard the term “article writing niche” and wondered what that meant and how a writing niche plays into article marketing.Excellent questions! First off, you are doing article marketing because you have a website that you would like to market. Whatever the general topic of your website is will determine the topics of your articles.For example, if you are an accountant and your website is for your business, then all of your articles will be related to accounting. You can write about money management, budgeting, financial record keeping, etc. Your goal is to write educational articles that will help your target readers.The general subject matter of your website is your article writing niche.Creating A Niche Focused WebsiteIf your business is already established, then obviously your website topic is already determined–your website needs to be on the same topic as your business.But what if you are starting fresh and your website will be your business? Many people nowadays like to create websites, monetize them, and turn the website into their business.In a case like that where you are still undecided about what the topic of your website will be, keep in mind that there are many perks to having a website that has a specific niche. The more focused your website is, the easier it will be to market it.If your topic is very specific, there will be less competition than with a broader range website. The less competition, the easier it will be for you to rise to the top of Google for keyword terms associated with your topic.Also, a specialized topic makes it much easier to market for your site. You will have a very focused article writing niche, so when you write articles for article marketing, you can cover your narrow topic more thoroughly.It’s good to have a relatively narrow focus because over time you will be able to create articles that cover all aspects of that niche. That way, when someone does a Google search for anything having to do with your topic, either your website or your articles will show up high in the rankings.Do you have an article writing niche yet?If so, then great! That is what you are going for. Find your niche, develop your website, then market your website with article marketing.

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Article marketing is one of the confirmed forms of marketing that site proprietors are using to get folk to their internet sites and to pay attention to what they have to say or to sell. When folk think about the term marketing they might think this only is applicable to sales. While marketing is clearly needed in the sales arena, marketing is also used to tell potential customers and build relations with them. Whether somebody is selling themselves, products, or services and info they have to do some marketing to get folk to be aware of them.In the early days of internet marketing, folk would use a trick called keyword stuffing. It was very commonplace till fairly recently to go to a domain, and to see a box crammed with phrases and words. Some of those words were capitalized, and some were lower cased. This box of keywords was a method to attract search websites to their pages. When the search sites started cracking down on sites like these, site proprietors tried to get past the system by using text that wasn’t bold to hide and sneak these keywords in. This process ceased to work. Besides, people were turned off by the appearance of a bunch of words on a site. This moved people towards article marketing.Along the way, someone figured out that if folks accepted why they should pay attention to a service, they might be likelier to buy into whatever was being marketed, or at the very least they’d help the page ranking by subscribing to the site. So people started writing educational articles for marketing purposes. Now folk had content on a domain that was informative and authoritative. This adds price for the purchaser helping them become drawn to the marketeer.Good articles go a long way in establishing a relationship based marketing plan and in building up your subscription list. That’s the merit of article marketing. These articles give info that folks need. Folks need to know why before they buy. Article marketing help to answer why questions. This could mean a lot to folks who may not have got answers to their questions could be drawn to you when you have provided these answers. Now they know who to turn to when they want categorical information.Building up relations with readers and patrons is a big virtue of article marketing. Folk become unswerving to certain products and internet sites. In the marketing world, this is often known as brand loyalty. In network marketing you’re the brand. Once people feel that your product and service is a basic part of their life, they will not leave you. They’ll keep buying into your product or service. Even better, they will turn their friends and family on to you. It is said in sales that every person knows 5 people. Now apply that to your internet site. You can see how article marketing can work to your advantage.This is why folks, and you specifically should think about article marketing. You want to draw in people to your internet site, right? You would like them to feel better about whatever it is you are offering, naturally. So an article about a topic or product is the perfect way to accomplish this. It’s not difficult to get an article for your internet site. If you have fairly decent writing abilities, and can communicate well, you can simply write an article. If you don’t have the time or the talent [*COMMA] then hire out this work to a writer. Make sure that it’s rich with keywords and content that will be picked up by the search websites. Either way, article marketing is pretty much worth the effort.

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Some people do SEO article writing. Others write articles that readers really love. The trick is to combine the two and write articles that are keyword focused but that still make sense and appeal to human readers.I’m sure you’ve seen SEO articles that were anything but appealing. They were loaded with a certain phrase that was repeated very conspicuously throughout the article. The sentence phrasing was awkward and hard to understand. The article looked as if it had been written by a machine and not a real human being!These are not the type of SEO articles that you wan to produce. You can do so much better than that!Just use these 5 very simple SEO article writing tips that any beginner can execute, and you’ll be writing articles that your readers (and Google!) will love.Step #1: Research one keyword phrase to target in your article.This will be a long-tail keyword phrase. A long-tail phrase is usually 3 to 8 words long. There is not a lot of competition for this phrase, so it will be relatively easy for your article to rank highly in the search engine rankings.Step #2: Create an interesting title that uses this phrase.Any time you use keywords in a title or article, they must be placed in appropriate context and sound natural. So, your title should sound natural and be grammatically correct. It should also be appealing to human readers.Try to think of phrasing that a person might type into Google and craft your title after that.For example, many people type ‘how to do xyz’ in the search box, so you could turn your title into a “how to”. Also, many times people type a question into Google, so you might try forming your title into a question.Keep in mind that your title must be interesting to a human reader, be grammatically correct, and make sense.Step #3: Write an article that is useful to your readers.Keep your eyes on the prize for now–your goal is to write valuable content that your readers will love. Forget about your keywords just now–just write an educational article.The ultimate thing that makes your article valuable in Google’s eye and your reader’s eyes is the helpfulness of the content. Keywords do not mean anything if the article does not contain information that readers can use.The article content must deliver on what the title promised. For example, if your title is “How to Teach Your Baby to Read in 5 Steps”, then the article must present 5 steps that can be used in teaching a baby to read.Step #4: Focus on creating timeless content.Write an article that has relevance beyond this month and this year. If your article topic is evergreen, then people will be searching for information on that topic for years to come.Step #5: Develop a list of phrases that are variations of your original keyword phrase.For example, if the phrase you are targeting is “buying a puppy”, semantically related variations of that phrase would be:* buy a puppy
* buying puppies
* where to buy puppies
* where to buy a puppy
* how to buy a puppyYou get the idea! Google recognizes related variations of phrases, so it is not necessary or desirable to repeat the same phrase throughout your article.Take your list of semantically related phrase variations and choose a few to put in your article in a natural sounding way. You don’t want to force a phrase in the article–it should fit naturally in the context of your content and be grammatically correct.Writing articles for SEO takes planning, strategy, creativity, and self-control. You are playing to both sides–you need to see your article from a human being’s standpoint and also create content that would appeal to a search engine.When writing SEO articles, your goal is always to create content that is helpful and interesting to human readers. It takes time, but if you do your SEO article writing correctly, the piece of content that you create can draw search engine traffic to your website for many years.

Article Marketing Tips: 5 Common Newbie Mistakes And How To Fix Them – Education articles

Beginners at article marketing should be commended–you’ve already mastered the basics and you have learned to write and submit articles.You’ve come a long way in a short period of time, but the learning doesn’t stop there.This article discusses some article marketing tips that you need to know. It’s beneficial to you to get these common areas of misunderstanding straightened out as soon as possible. Why not today?Here they are: 1 – Being unsure of how to measure your results.Do you go by your website traffic, or sales, or some other indicator?It’s important to take a few factors in mind, but keep in mind that the ultimate indicators are website traffic and where your website is ranked in search engines for your keyword terms. How highly your website is ranked will have a direct correlation to how many people visit your website.With article marketing, you are trying to get a higher search engine ranking for your website when people type in certain keywords (or search terms).This takes time to see results in search engines, so it can help to measure some indicators that precede a ranking increase (backlinks and PageRank).Keep in mind, backlinks and PageRank don’t mean much on their own, but they can be a sign of change that is about to happen in search engines. When your search engine ranking gets better, then your website traffic will get better too.2 – Writing articles that are about your business or website.You think, “As long as people are going to be reading this, wouldn’t it be a good idea to plant some positive information about my own business, products or website in the article itself?”You would think that it would help you, but actually it hurts you. Publishers want to publish educational articles that help their readers. They are not particularly interested in publishing what looks to be a sales pitch for your business. Save that type of information for your resource box.3 – Not putting enough thought into your titles.The title is the first thing that readers see, and if they aren’t drawn in by it they will move on to another article. Your title is your one chance to catch the reader’s attention and hopefully inspire him to read your article.Think about the types of titles that attract you, and then craft a title that will stand out in a sea of other article titles. Be sure that your title accurately conveys what your article is about, and that it is not misleading in any way.Here’s a hint–people who are interested in your articles are looking for solutions to problems. Write articles that solve problems, and then write titles that relay what problem is being solved. The title should convey the benefit the reader will enjoy from reading your article.4 – Running out of writing topics.We all run dry sometimes, but when that happens you need to go for a new level of creativity. Here are some ways to get your ideas flowing again:*You can use an article template to help you along.*Write an article that answers some common questions that customers/readers ask you.*Write an article that introduces readers to your general topic.*Focus on writing beginner articles–think back to when you first started and what confused you.*Or write some articles that teach more advanced topics.The key is to reconnect with the needs of your readers.5 – Forgetting about the importance of republication.Article directories are great in that they are a hub for publishers who are in need of content. If you publish your article on a directory, ideally your article will be republished many times after that.Be sure to write articles that are worthy of being republished. They should have compelling titles, helpful information, unique insights, and a resource box that gives a strong impression of who you are and what your website has to offer.If you recognized yourself in any of these items, don’t feel bad about it. Instead, feel good that you are actively learning a new skill and seeking out ways to become better.

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Gone are the days when only few people use article marketing. Those were the days when internet marketers who were publishing just 1-3 articles per week are already getting so much traffic and better page ranking. Today, as the competition in this field is getting much and much stiffer, producing 10 articles per week will not to the trick. In order to ensure that you’ll get your fair share of online attention, you will to take your campaign to the next level. Here’s how you can do that:1. Quality is the key. Quality has always been the most important element in the field of article marketing. If you make that conscious decision to offer your readers with nothing but the best, there’s no way that you’re going to fail in this endeavor. This will mean giving these people nothing but very educational articles that contain useful information and that are very well-written. As they say, giving your audience great reading and learning experience is the fastest way to get them to click through your resource box.2. Writing more articles will make a huge difference. Article marketers are not joking when they say that article marketing is a game of numbers. This is the reason why people who are successful in this field are writing and publishing as much as 10 articles per day. Well, you should do the same so you can finally start getting the kind of results that you want. Yes, writing so many articles per day can be really exhausting but you can make it manageable by sticking with topics that you know very well and those topics that you find very interesting. If writing 10 articles per day isn’t something that you can squeeze in your daily tasks, consider outsourcing some of them. Don’t worry as right now, there are hundreds of reliable, talented ghostwriters who can help you out especially if you’re willing to offer them attractive compensation.3. Master the art of SEO. You’ll have a better shot at getting found in the online arena if your articles are properly optimized. This is the reason why I highly recommend that you become an expert in SEO article writing. Knowing how to write your articles based on the latest algorithms of search engine will dramatically help you easily succeed in this field.4. Show off your expertise. Take each article as an opportunity to show off your in-depth knowledge in your chosen niche. This is very important especially if you’re selling information-based products like coaching programs. This will give your prospects an assurance that you’re really good on what you do and that you can really help them achieve whatever goals they have.5. Use all popular article marketing sites. Identify and use all of those sites that are trusted by both giant search engines and online users so you can give your articles maximum exposure.

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One of the biggest missteps I see in online article submissions is not including a “call to action” in the author bio (resource box) at the end of the article.You’ve just spent a lot of time and effort crafting a great title and compelling content, and then the resource box is thrown together as an afterthought. Ouch!The title and the article are very important, but so is the resource box. With free reprint articles, the article is where you give, and the resource box is where you get to “take” a bit–don’t forget to that part!When you write your resource box, be sure to tell the reader what to do and why to do it. You want them to click the link in your resource box. In fact, that’s your main reason for writing the article in the first place!You may think that you don’t need to spell out for the reader what to do because it’s obvious. In you’re head you’re thinking, “I just gave you some valuable info. Now logically you should want to find out more at my website.”It would be great if people actually thought like that, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works.There was a great copywriter who once said that the more specific you are in your instructions to your reader, the greater likelihood that they will do what you say.If you don’t give any instructions at all, then it’s not likely that the reader will do what you want. However, if you tell the reader what you have waiting for them at your website and what to do to get that promised reward, you’ll have a good chance of getting some clicks.It can be as simple as saying “For more information, go to my website.”Ideally you will give the reader a compelling reason to click the link going to your site. For example:*A free e-book*A newsletter with fresh information on this topic*A free e-course*A helpful product or serviceWhen you’re trying to lure the reader to your website with a “call to action” in the resource box, be sure that you don’t get too sale-sy, as you don’t want to scare readers off by sounding like you’re just trying to get them to buy something. Your educational article has just done a great job of getting the reader’s defenses down and giving them information that they appreciate.Keep it simple–just saying “For a free e-book, go to”, “For a free report, check out” or “For more info, go to” will get the job done!

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Persuade, entertain, and educate your readers — this is your main goal if you’re writing articles for magazines. Here’s how you can make that happen:1. Educate your readers. Ensure that you have in-depth knowledge on the topics that you’re discussing. It’s best if you have relevant first-hand experience so you can offer your readers with valuable, quality information. Don’t forget to do your research so you can obtain ample information and supporting data. Make sure that you do not leave any stone unturned. If you’re not an expert on the subject matter, interview some people who are. Doing this will make your articles sound more powerful.2. Persuade your readers. If your main goal is to get your readers to believe in something, you’ve got to develop high level persuasion skills. It will help if you effectively present an argument to prove your point. It’s also not a bad idea if you present testimonials or opinions of other people who are experts on the subject matter or who have had first-hand experience.3. Entertain your readers. A lot of people are reading magazines simply because they would like to be entertained. Don’t let them down. Start by writing your articles using friendly, conversational tone. Offer related stories, examples, and real-life experiences. Inject humor and visuals whenever you see fit. Don’t forget to make your articles easy on the eyes. Present each of your idea using very short paragraphs. Use subheadings and bullet list whenever possible. If your articles run for more than 2 pages, I suggest that you highlight the most important information that you’re giving out so your readers will easily find them.

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Are you the parent of a child with autism or a learning disability that has filed for a special education due process hearing? Are you disagreeing with special education personnel about the placement of your child, during the due process hearing? Did you know that IDEA 2004 states that a child has the right to a stay put placement, until due process hearings are finished or resolved? This article will discuss what stay put placements are during due process hearings.The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) states under 300.518 that: during the pendency of any administrative or judicial proceeding regarding a due process complaint notice. . . the child involved in the complaint must remain in his or her current educational placement. What this means is that if your child is in a placement, and you file for a due process hearing, the child stays in that placement until the due process is settled or resolved.For Example: Your child with autism is attending a private school at public expense. The school district recommends changing your child’s placement to a school district program, which you think is inappropriate to meet your child’s needs. If you file for a due process hearing, your child would stay in the private school until your due process was resolved or finished. The last agreed upon placement is considered stay put!Several issues on stay put:1. The child’s stay put placement and the child’s IEP must be completely implemented (this means special education and related services also).
2. Stay put applies from the time the parent files for a due process hearing.
3. The school district is basically maintaining the status quo.
4. The school district is prevented from unilaterally changing your child’s placement. Parents must be a part of any decision to change placement.
5. School districts can change personnel but the services must be comparable.
6. Parents may agree to change the child’s placement during the due process if they feel that the current placement is inappropriate.By understanding stay put for special education due process hearings, you will be able to determine what advocacy route that you would like to take, for your child. Filing for a due process hearing and revoking stay put can keep your child in an appropriate placement for a certain period of time. You would then have to prove to a hearing officer that the current placement meets your child’s educational needs, and that the placement needs to be continued.

4 Benefits Your Child In Special Education Can Receive From FERPA – Education articles

Do you wonder if your child’s right to privacy in their educational records, has been violated? Would you like to learn how FERPA can help your child? This article will discuss the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), which applies to all educational institutions to which receives funds from the Department of Education. Also discussed are 4 benefits that your child can get from FERPA.Benefit 1: Use FERPA to review your child’s school record to see if it is accurate, and if it contains items that you have not seen. It is amazing, what you can find in your child’s school record. Also look for items that may support your case.For Example: If your child has behavior difficulties, that special education personnel want to suspend them for, look for evidence that the behavior has been happening for a while. School personnel are supposed to work to prevent the behavior, rather than continuously punishing the child for it.Ask for a copy of any item that you have not seen, or supports your case. Special education personnel may charge a reasonable copying fee, though you should ask for the school policy on parents receiving free records.Benefit 2: Use FERPA to have removed anything in your child’s school record that is inaccurate, misleading or violates your child’s right to privacy. Once again, it is amazing what you will find in your child’s school record. If something is written about your child or family that you disagree with, ask that it be taken out. If the school district refuses, they can file for a due process hearing, to prove to the hearing officer that the school’s records are accurate.Benefit 3: Use FERPA to ask for items that you may not think about, as part of your child’s school record. You have the right to review everything that has your child’s name on it; permanent record, temporary record, e mails, internal memos, testing materials and protocols, audio recordings, video recordings, etc. If your child has difficulty on the bus, ask and see if your child’s bus contains a camera. If it does, ask for copies of any day that you are concerned about.Benefit 4: If you feel that your child’s confidentiality has been breeched by special education personnel, file for a FERPA complaint. This complaint can be filed with the Family Policy Compliance Office (FPCO) at: U.S. Department of Education, 400 Maryland Ave SW, Washington DC 20202.Your child has the right to confidentiality in their educational records. You have the right as their parent to access their school records. Good luck in your fight for an appropriate education for your child with a disability, the fight is worth it!

5 Reasons Why your Child in Special Education May Not be Getting FAPE, and How You Can Help – Education articles

Does your child receive special education services and you wonder if
they are receiving an appropriate education? This article, will
discuss 5 reasons why your child may not be receiving a free
appropriate public education. And also, what can you do about it?
There is a lot that you can do to ensure a free appropriate public
education for your child.Reason 1: Many special education personnel have extremely low
expectations, for children with disabilities. You must have high
expectations for your child, just because they are not learning, does
not mean that they can’t. They may need to be taught a different way.Reason 2: Some special education personnel limit or refuse to provide,
educational and related services that children with disabilities need.
Some special education personnel will even deny that a child has
autism, so that they do not have to provide more intense special
education services. It is your job as a parent to fight for the
services that your child requires. Try to meet other parents, of
children with disabilities, in your school district. Help each other
advocate, and attend each other’s IEP meetings. Together you will be a
strong group.Reason 3: The curriculums, that some school districts use to teach
children with disabilities, do not work. Special education personnel
are often reluctant to change methodology, even if the child is not
learning. Investigate different curriculums, for your child’s
disability. Join disability organizations and meet other parents. This
will allow you to share information with each other, what works.Reason 4: Parents, are often forced to pay for independent
educational evaluations (IEE’s), to prove that their child needs
certain special education services. If a parent must pay for an IEE,
to ensure that their child receives a free and appropriate public
education, then the education is no longer free. If your school
district evaluates your child, and you disagree with the evaluation
(or the way it is interpreted), then the Individuals with Disabilities
Education Act (IDEA), gives you the right to have an Independent
Evaluation at Public Expense. My book Disability Deception has an
entire chapter on IEE’s that will give you more information on this
subject.Reason 5: Many school districts suspend children with disabilities,
for behavior that is part of their disability. Educate yourself on
what IDEA requires as far as behavior/discipline. Special education
personnel can suspend a child up to 10 days.Within 10 days of a decision to change a child’s placement they must
convene a manifestation determination meeting. This meeting is being
held to determine if the behavior is part of your child’s disability.
If it is, they must do certain things to include developing a positive
behavior plan. If they determine that the behavior is not part of your
child’s disability, then they can discipline them as they would a non
disabled child. You can file for a due process hearing, if you
disagree with the school districts manifestation determination
decision.By knowing why most children do not receive FAPE, you can advocate
hard for your child. They are depending on you, because they may not
be able to stand up for themselves.