Article Marketing Tips – What Is an Article Writing Niche? – Education articles

Whether you have already decided to start marketing with articles or you are just considering your options and looking for article marketing tips, there is one major question that needs to be answered before you can move forward.That question is: “What topics should I cover in my articles?”You may have heard the term “article writing niche” and wondered what that meant and how a writing niche plays into article marketing.Excellent questions! First off, you are doing article marketing because you have a website that you would like to market. Whatever the general topic of your website is will determine the topics of your articles.For example, if you are an accountant and your website is for your business, then all of your articles will be related to accounting. You can write about money management, budgeting, financial record keeping, etc. Your goal is to write educational articles that will help your target readers.The general subject matter of your website is your article writing niche.Creating A Niche Focused WebsiteIf your business is already established, then obviously your website topic is already determined–your website needs to be on the same topic as your business.But what if you are starting fresh and your website will be your business? Many people nowadays like to create websites, monetize them, and turn the website into their business.In a case like that where you are still undecided about what the topic of your website will be, keep in mind that there are many perks to having a website that has a specific niche. The more focused your website is, the easier it will be to market it.If your topic is very specific, there will be less competition than with a broader range website. The less competition, the easier it will be for you to rise to the top of Google for keyword terms associated with your topic.Also, a specialized topic makes it much easier to market for your site. You will have a very focused article writing niche, so when you write articles for article marketing, you can cover your narrow topic more thoroughly.It’s good to have a relatively narrow focus because over time you will be able to create articles that cover all aspects of that niche. That way, when someone does a Google search for anything having to do with your topic, either your website or your articles will show up high in the rankings.Do you have an article writing niche yet?If so, then great! That is what you are going for. Find your niche, develop your website, then market your website with article marketing.