Reasons Why You Need A Call To Action In Your Online Article Submissions – Education articles

One of the biggest missteps I see in online article submissions is not including a “call to action” in the author bio (resource box) at the end of the article.You’ve just spent a lot of time and effort crafting a great title and compelling content, and then the resource box is thrown together as an afterthought. Ouch!The title and the article are very important, but so is the resource box. With free reprint articles, the article is where you give, and the resource box is where you get to “take” a bit–don’t forget to that part!When you write your resource box, be sure to tell the reader what to do and why to do it. You want them to click the link in your resource box. In fact, that’s your main reason for writing the article in the first place!You may think that you don’t need to spell out for the reader what to do because it’s obvious. In you’re head you’re thinking, “I just gave you some valuable info. Now logically you should want to find out more at my website.”It would be great if people actually thought like that, but unfortunately that’s not the way it works.There was a great copywriter who once said that the more specific you are in your instructions to your reader, the greater likelihood that they will do what you say.If you don’t give any instructions at all, then it’s not likely that the reader will do what you want. However, if you tell the reader what you have waiting for them at your website and what to do to get that promised reward, you’ll have a good chance of getting some clicks.It can be as simple as saying “For more information, go to my website.”Ideally you will give the reader a compelling reason to click the link going to your site. For example:*A free e-book*A newsletter with fresh information on this topic*A free e-course*A helpful product or serviceWhen you’re trying to lure the reader to your website with a “call to action” in the resource box, be sure that you don’t get too sale-sy, as you don’t want to scare readers off by sounding like you’re just trying to get them to buy something. Your educational article has just done a great job of getting the reader’s defenses down and giving them information that they appreciate.Keep it simple–just saying “For a free e-book, go to”, “For a free report, check out” or “For more info, go to” will get the job done!